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Where did my job go? Part 2


Where did my job go?

Gone, Gone, Gone – hopefully, God has a bigger plan or did my temper get the best of me again!  Working as a security officer was not my normal type of employment but  luckily, unnamed Security Services did not stereotype  and gave me a chance.  But as I sit here typing on this post at 06:00 a.m. when I was scheduled to work last night, I wonder!

Today is the third day after the client manager told my account manager I could not return to work until they met but the meeting still hasn’t taken place?  The same thing happens to another coworker – his plight began when he was asleep at an unused guard shack waiting for time to clock in when another co-worker tattle to a plant supervisor who in turn tattle to the client manager who tattle to the account manager who told me to send him home.  The account manager knew he had been waiting at the shack due to transportation problems.  My plight was letting my cell distract me from opening the gate for a plant employee and two nights later not calling this employee when an unknown truck damaged a fence at another gate.  A contractor saw a semi doing a U-turn so I knew the person was not on the property but deciding not to wake someone at 2 A was still a wrong decision according to the client. 

I did ask our human resource department to be transferred to another post, however, I haven’t heard from her today either.  What I don’t understand is the delay in giving me an answer – perhaps I will hear from HR tomorrow. 

I do have empathy for the staff , they are all working under stress not knowing what will bring down the next wrath – It was damn if we did and damn if we didn’t.  I am afraid the security company will lose the contract within the next few weeks.  Truly, I am not trying to make excuses for me or anyone else.  My manager didn’t have anything to say when I informed him I couldn’t wait around because we all knew what was taking place so I was asking for a transfer cause I didn’t feel like I could stay. 

So, I am seeking employment!!!!!!!!!  What do you think?  Was I totally wrong?  Would anyone like to share their story?  Any suggestions as to what I should do or try?

 Names were not given to protect the innocent – can you tell I am a Law and Order fan?

Personal Philosophy

¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸¸.·¨¯`·☆I may not always say or do the right things, and I may not know everything there is to know… but I will always be me and eventually know where I need to be ♥

The above statement is so true but unfortunately I copied from a friend’s Facebook status.  Frankly, I was addicted to the website’s games but gradually tiring of most or perhaps I’ve finally realize that there is something more important to do.  The website still has many platforms to utilize especially my genealogy groups and fan pages.

I need to change so many things in my life – health, depression, financial future, social life.  A friend at work tries to persuade me from drinking my diet Mt. Dew stating the acid is eating my stomach.  I laugh and tell him the Dew is my only vice, but I know water is the better choice. 

Why do we remain obese when we know the extra weight can cause so many problems?  The medical condition hypothyroidism can not be blame but is a factor along with my borderline hypertension and high cholesterol.  My sweet tooth, poor diet and lack of will power is the culprit.

Prozac has somewhat curb my attitude and mood swings, but I still lack the desire to correct so many issues.   I have lost interest in my appearance except for coloring my grey hair (go figure).  I don’t want to go anywhere alone so I don’t go anywhere.  Just sit at home and wallow in my self-pity.

I am employed as a security officer (shift supervisor) – easiest and most non-stressful job I have ever had but it does not cover my expenses.  The dream of having my own business has not been fruitful – presently researching some online options but there are so many scams on the internet.  My sister helps take care of my Mom (both live with me) – don’t know what I would do without her help! 

What is a social life?  I make a joke out of finding a husband who works to help take care of me.  Yes, that would work but I need the companionship too.  I have had an  affair with a married man for several years, but I have known from the start that the relationship would not evolve into a marriage.  This is a story all in its own time.

I will end this post with – May you never encounter anything except that which is good.

Hello World!

My blog has two objectives: Self counseling by putting my thoughts, fears and experiences in print and to hopefully supplement my income.

Leaving the hills of Kentucky in 86, I moved to the city life of Indianapolis.   One lifestyle was exchanged for another but I will always be that  country girl whose past has haunted and interfered with her obtaining a totally happy existence.

I will share the hardships of  poverty, molestation, sadness, failure, death, illness, – but wait included will be love and joy.